Highly trained staff

In order to achieve the highest level of performance and accuracy of implementation, we appointed highly trained technical staff and invested in ongoing training programs.

Expanding Business

As a result, we could sustain a steady rate of return on investment for our shareholders with an annual increase of 15%.

100% High quality products

ASPEC Group has designed and implemented integrated environmental projects being the front-runner in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as well as the Gulf and the entire Arab region.

Converting waste to energy

ASPEC Group succeeded in installing gas purification and treatment stations to convert landfills’ gas into electrical energy or raising its efficiency and using it as natural gas, bearing in mind that the gas burners, the gas treatment plants, and the bio-generators were specially modified with the production company.

Delivering Quality Environment

A municipal solid waste sorting station, a recycling, and grinding plant for construction industry waste as well as demolition waste.

Zero waste is our target

We are always on the lookout for the latest global developments in waste management, so we can reach our vision of “zero-waste” by applying state-of-the-art environmentally friendly recycling processes and technology, with a total conversion of the output into useful energy.

About Us

Welcome To ASPEC

ASPEC for contracting & Environmental Consultancy is one of ASPEC Group companies that specialized in Environmental Consultancy services, design and build integrated environmental solution and mechanical foundations.

strategy foster collaborative thinking to further the overall value proposition. Organically grow the holistic world view of disruptive innovation via workplace diversity and empowerment.

Bring to the table win-win survival strategies to ensure proactive domination. At the end of the day, going forward, a new normal that has evolved from

  • Our Vision

    To be the best house of experience in the Middle East in the field of Environmental Consultancy ,Design & Build integrated environmental projects and mechanical foundation and to create a truly creativity-inspiring workplace.

  • Our Mission

    We always build long lasting and special relationships with our clients through offering the best professional services and distinguished performance. We always work on developing our operational systems, through cooperation with the leading International corporations that have long-standing experience, and applying the latest state-of-the-art technology in our fields of work. We build our trained technical teams that can achieve our strategic and operational objective

Our Work

What We Are Doing